We’ve made it smoooth

We’ve made it smoooth

Online shopping should be easy for you. Whether you’re buying a beautiful piece of jewelry that you really want, or whatever it is, adding your item to the cart and checking out should be a flawless process. However, we have to admit: it hasn’t been easy ride since we launched our online store at mysilverisgold.com.

It’s been a tough three months and we’ve been working tirelessly. Our concept has changed and evolved as we continue to upgrade the site every single day.

Recently, however, we recruited the help of Klarna, significantly upgrading our checkout page. This has been a step in the right direction, creating a much smoother checkout experience.

And now things are a little less hectic, we thought we’d take a moment to answer some of your questions that we’ve been getting lately:

What Improvements Has Klarna Checkouts Made?

When we set out to build our ideal website one year ago, we wanted to provide as many payment and delivery options as possible. And that’s exactly what we achieved. If you remember, we used to allow PayPal, Swish, and card payments. However, in building our own checkout from scratch, we had to merge several systems into a single compact page, making our checkout unstable from time to time.

This led to a renewed objective: Minimize clicks and reduce order process to a single page.

After researching plenty of providers, we settled on Klarna Checkouts as the perfect checkout system for our site. Here, you can complete the checkout process entirely using Klarna’s form. Thanks to their innovative tech team, they’re always up-to-date. The system is fully stable, and most importantly, 100% secure.

Klarna also offers a wide range of payment solutions for customers, including:

⦁ Pay it later (defer payment until 14 days, or end of the next month)
⦁ Slice it
⦁ Bank transfer
⦁ Card

A lot of our international customers have expressed a preference for PayPal. That’s why you’ll be seeing the option to use PayPal in the near future!

Why Can’t I Choose Shipping Method Anymore?

In order to make the shipping process as simple and reliable as possible, we eliminated the ‘choose shipping method’ option. Since the vast majority of our customers have been choosing Postnord Varubrev over DHL Express, we made this our standard shipping method for customers in the EU. Postnord Varubrev is an extremely reliable and reputable delivery service. In Sweden, shipping takes a mere 1 – 2 days. We also offer free returns.

Outside of the EU, we only offer DHL Express Worldwide. Despite being a bit more expensive, it’s far better equipped than Postnord to fulfill the shipping needs of the international market. Although we charge 150 SEK (15 EUR) per shipping order, it’s still much cheaper than when you compare with other e-commerce businesses.


Why Does My Coupon Code Not Work With The Checkout Page?

If you’re a customer that’s been affected, we’re sorry for any inconvenience caused. We’re working hard to resolve any faults during this transition process. If you’re still having problems, please let us know by emailing info@mysilverisgold.com. We’re always here to help and will do what we can to make things right.